Swasthani Vrat Katha Starts Today: Devotees throng Shali River from early morning

Itahari. Today is Paush Shukla Purnima. From today (Thursday) to Magh Shukla Purnima, worship is done at various Shaktipeeths of Nepal during a period of one month. This tradition was

Nepal Telecom Dashain Offer: 8GB data bonus on recharge

Kathmandu. Nepal Telecom has brought Dashain offer. Under this, the company has announced that it will provide a discount rate data and voice pack as well as recharge on bonus

DV Lottery application is open, You can apply from home

Kathmandu. The US government’s Diversity Visa (DV) for 2025 will open from Wednesday night. According to Nepali Sayam, the US Embassy in Kathmandu will open applications after 9:45 on Wednesday

Today’s Horoscope: V. No. 2080 Bhadra 06th Wednesday. By the grace of Sri Pathibhara Devi, the fortune of these zodiac signs will shine

V.No. 2080 Bhadra 06th WednesdayAccordingly AD. No. 2023 August 23rd, Pingal Samvatsara, Surya Dakshinayana, Rainy Season, Kaligata 5124, Shake 1945, Nepal no. 1143, Kirat year 5083, Manjushree year 2859, Hijri

Microsoft has introduced a new feature, now you can connect iPhone to Windows computer

Kathmandu. Microsoft has launched a much-awaited feature for its Windows operating system users. With this new feature, now Windows users can connect their personal computer with iPhone. This feature is

A famous girl on Snapchat has created her own version of AI, which can make girlfriends for $1 per minute

Kathmandu. Things like making pictures, writing books, preparing summaries are now becoming commonplace for Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has been used for different purposes.Similarly, American citizen Kerin Marjorie, who created

Arrest warrant issued against former home minister’s son Prateek

Kathmandu. An arrest warrant has been issued against Prateek Thapa, the son of former Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’, on the charge of assisting a gang that extorted lakhs

When the government is in trouble because of the Congress, why does the Congress come to power after getting power ? ( video )

Kathmandu. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal is saying that Prachanda will complete the government as soon as possible and bring the government on track. However, the Congress, caught up in

Nepal Airlines avoided crashes twice in a month

Kathmandu. An investigation is going to be conducted on the miscreants of Air India, who survived a collision with Nepal Airlines in the sky. Nepal Civil Aviation Authority is going

5 Useful Facebook Settings Everyone Should Know

Kathmandu. Today we are telling about five useful settings of Facebook, which will help you to use Facebook in a safe and smart way. 1. Two Factor Authentication It keeps

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