Microsoft has introduced a new feature, now you can connect iPhone to Windows computer

Kathmandu. Microsoft has launched a much-awaited feature for its Windows operating system users. With this new feature, now Windows users can connect their personal computer with iPhone. This feature is already available for Android phone users.

Microsoft has clarified that this new feature can be used by iPhone users. However, only a few basic features are kept in its iOS version.Along with this, now iPhone users can connect their phone to a personal computer with Windows 11 operating system and can call and send messages as well as view phone numbers.

With this feature, iCloud photos can also be integrated in the Windows Photos application. Because of this, iPhone users will be able to view the pictures on their phone on the computer.In fact, Microsoft launched the Photos Link app for Windows 11 last month.

The new feature has been launched in 85 countries with 39 languages, according to Microsoft. Speaking of new iPhone integration, iOS lacks image and video sharing, group messaging and messaging features. But with the help of Phone Link, the user gets all kinds of features on the Android device. Android users can also control their phone’s apps with the help of the desktop screen.

WiFi connection can be used to connect Windows 11 to iPhone. Apart from this, this feature of connecting two devices can also be used with the help of hotspot or mobile data network.

Note that this feature is currently only available for iPhones, not for iPads. With the help of the agency

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