When the government is in trouble because of the Congress, why does the Congress come to power after getting power ? ( video )

Kathmandu. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal is saying that Prachanda will complete the government as soon as possible and bring the government on track. However, the Congress, caught up in internal disputes, has become depressed instead of focusing on the management of the party’s disputes. As the Congress is delaying sending ministers to the government, the time for expansion of the government is running out. But the Congress, which seems to be oblivious to this, is giving trouble to the government.

Congress has become the vehicle in the matter of giving completeness to the government. Prime Minister Prachanda has not yet been able to complete the cabinet as the Congress could not finalize the remaining 4 ministers of its part. Congress got 8 ministries as part of the alliance. But when the Shekhar Gagan party demanded a respectable share from within the Congress, the expansion of the government has come to a standstill. As the government expansion becomes uncertain, the prime minister is facing problems in policy formulation and service delivery. Prachanda still believes that within two days the expansion of the government will be completed 100 percent and the government will be on track.

Although the Prime Minister expressed such a belief, the matter of giving completeness to Sarka is not in his hands. If the Congress, the largest party in the Parliament, cannot settle the internal division, the extension of the government is certain to be prolonged. Congress is certainly not unaware of the problems in service delivery when the government is incomplete. But Deuba’s strategy of pressuring the Shekhar group as much as possible and the Shekhar group’s stance of not keeping up with Deuba has pushed the Prime Minister into more trouble. The Congress, which claims itself as the responsible party of the Parliament, has not considered it necessary to think about this matter. Instead, the pressure is increasing on the government to focus on service delivery.

Congress is a party well versed in coalition and power politics. The practice of cooperation or non-cooperation is seen in political parties when the leadership of power is not with them. Lately, there have been comments from the angle that the strategy to defeat the Prachanda government is not seen within the Congress. Could it be that the inner cause of the confusion in the Congress is to embarrass the Prime Minister?

Whether the confusion seen in the Congress is strategic or institutional incompetence, it can be analyzed from both angles. But Congress itself cannot become irresponsible in government expansion and service delivery. In the midst of the need for rapid economic and political reform in the country, Congress itself becoming the vehicle of the government cannot be good for the people and the Congress.

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