A famous girl on Snapchat has created her own version of AI, which can make girlfriends for $1 per minute

Kathmandu. Things like making pictures, writing books, preparing summaries are now becoming commonplace for Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has been used for different purposes.Similarly, American citizen Kerin Marjorie, who created her virtual appearance using AI, is currently in discussion. He is a social media influencer. The 23-year-old has over 1.8 million followers on Snapchat.

He now has more than a thousand lovers. With whom she spends time from 10 minutes to several hours every day.In that sequence, she talks from everyday life to the future. She also talks about love, sex and other things.In reality, those 1,000 lovers are dating a virtual version of Marjorie. A virtual version of Marjorie has been prepared by recording her video.API of ChatGPT Four was used for this. In other words, a virtual version of Marjorie was created using AI.

A platform called Kerin AI has been created for this. Kerin AI is developed by AI company Forever Voices.Kerin AI is said to form an emotional connection with users like a human being. Specifically, this AI is a voice-based chatbot. Its voice and personality are exactly like Marjorie’s.It is said that this AI can be made into a virtual girlfriend. So people have agreed to pay a dollar per minute to interact with bots.

Kerin AI was “privately launched” through the Telegram app at the beginning of last May. After that, she published Kerin AI on her social network.With the release of its beta version, fees were also charged. So far, she has earned more than 71 thousand 610 dollars (about 93 lakh rupees) from this AI.

99 percent of the spenders are men. Two thousand hours of Marjorie’s video recording was used to create this AI.That video was used by the developers of Forever Voices to change it to AI. The video was also posted on his own YouTube channel. Now that video has been removed.

Kerin Marjorie said that this concept was born because she is very close to her followers and cannot directly connect with all of them. Similarly, she has also claimed that Kerin AI has the ability to ‘cure loneliness’.

Kerin AI is said to have been influenced by the 2013 movie ‘Har’. In the movie, it is shown that the main character falls in love with an operating system. However, ethical questions have started to arise about the capabilities of this AI.

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