Apple bringing a cheap iPhone, how much will it cost ?

Kathmandu. Apple releases the iPhone SE as a cheaper model. Apple first launched iPhone SE in 2016, iPhone SE (2020) in 2020 and iPhone SE (2022) in 2022.The name of iPhone SE that will be released this time is expected to be iPhone SE Far or iPhone SE (2024). According to information released by various leaks, the iPhone SE will be available in a design similar to the iPhone 14.

Apart from that, it is said that the model will have Face ID, USB-C, action button, OLED display and other features.According to a confidential source told Mac Rumors, the platform that brings out Apple’s information, the company is currently testing various upgrades for the iPhone SE. Therefore, it is not yet clear when the phone will be released.The iPhone 14 chassis, action button, USB-C port, 48 megapixel single camera, OLED display, Face ID and in-house 5G model are currently being tested on that phone.

In terms of design, the iPhone SE uses the chassis of the iPhone 14, so the model does not have a curved edge like the iPhone 15.It has not been revealed what the camera of the model will be like. Analysts expect that if Apple recently launched a phone with these features, it would get a good buzz.

Now, despite having good features, iPhone 15 is facing criticism due to some weaknesses. If most of the features of the iPhone 15 are available in the iPhone SE at a cheaper price, it is sure to attract users.

Earlier, the phone of this model was released in 2020 and 2022, so this time it is expected to be released in 2024. Mac Rumors mentioned that it is difficult to distinguish whether all these information are accurate or not because they are provided by unknown sources.

The starting price of the iPhone SE (2022) released in 2022 was set at 189 US dollars. The price is about 60 US dollars more than the iPhone SE (2020). Therefore, it has been analyzed that the price of the new model iPhone SE will be around iPhone SE (2022) or a little more expensive.

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