The team of Nepali hackers has entered the semi-finals of the ‘Hacker World Cup 2023

Kathmandu. The team of Nepali hackers has entered the semi-finals of the ‘HackerOne Ambassador World Cup 2023’ competition. In one of the biggest hacker competitions, the Nepali team reached the semi-finals after beating the American hacker team.

Talking to Tekpana, the leader of Team Nepal, Anand Dhakal, informed that Nepal defeated America in the quarter-finals and was selected for the semi-finals. “The quarter-final competition was held from July 5 to July 19,” said Dhakal, “in that, we have entered the semi-finals after beating America.”The HackerOne Ambassador World Cup is a competition where teams of hackers from around the world compete against each other. The team of hackers participating in it is asked to find the weaknesses in any system.

The score of the team that finds more weaknesses (bugs) in the specified time will increase. In the end, the team that gets more points is declared the winner. Team Nepal reached the top 16 by defeating India and Pakistan in the group stage of this competition which started from March 13. India also entered the top 16 along with Nepal.

From May 2 to 16, Saudi Arabia and Nepal competed for the Sweet Sixteen. Team Nepal entered the quarterfinals after beating Saudi Arabia. According to Dhakal, team Nepal has entered the semi-finals by defeating America in the quarter-finals held through virtual media from July 5 to 19.

Now Nepal will compete with Spain from September 26 to October 10. If Spain is defeated, Nepal will secure a place in the final competition to be held in Argentina. If they lose to Spain, they will compete for the best third place. There are 26 hackers in Team Nepal.

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