Tiktok has added a feature where you can only post text

Kathmandu. Tiktok has introduced a feature on its platform where you can only post text. Publishing a blog on Monday, the company has announced that it has introduced a feature that allows you to put text-based content on Tik Tok.

Previously, it was possible to put text on a photo or video or post it without text, but now it is possible to put only text directly. By selecting a music or directly going to the option to add a photo or video, 10 minutes, three minutes, 60 seconds and tapping on the ‘Text’ option attached to the photo option, you can post the text with the music of your choice or your own voice.

According to the company, stickers, tags and hashtags, background color can be placed along with the text. With this, you can now post photos, videos and text on Twitter.

Other social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube had this feature. Along with this, it is said that the text feature has been included to bring itself into the competition.

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