Artificial Intelligence in Windows, now able to communicate with laptops

After Bing Chatbot, Microsoft has now announced that it will bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature to Windows as well.Microsoft had made the intention to implement AI in its computer operating system Windows a few months ago.Microsoft Build 2023 has provided an opportunity to review in detail the new features coming to Windows in terms of AI.

The company has prepared to add artificial intelligence to Windows when Windows 12 is launched next year. It will have an AI-based text to speech feature.
Voice input feature for desktop users
Until recently, only mobile Bing Chat users could use the voice input feature. But now Microsoft has provided this feature for desktop users as well.

In Bing Chatbox, users can now activate voice input by clicking on the microphone icon and chat with Bing Chatbot.It can answer with its own voice in English, Japanese, German, Mandarin and French. In addition to that, Microsoft has also expanded Bing Chat’s text-to-speech capability to support more than 30 additional languages. This means that even desktop users will not have language problems in Bing Chat in the future.

Voice chat with AI
This step is part of Microsoft’s effort to provide users with the opportunity to communicate in a more natural and natural way.
Also, Windows 11 will soon allow users to write anywhere with their stylus. But Bing’s AI will encourage you to communicate with your voice.By adding AI to its operating system, Microsoft has taken a step forward in the development of very intuitive and intelligent software.

Productivity can increase
The new Bing Chatbot feature launched on June 9 and will be available to everyone soon.According to the company, it has been designed so that users can interact with Bing in a more natural and natural way. In which you can ask questions by voice and get answers by voice.With the help of AI, chatbots can provide more accurate and relevant answers to user questions.

This feature is expected to improve productivity by allowing users to perform tasks without typing commands.For example, a user can ask the chatbot to schedule a meeting or set a reminder and the chatbot will act accordingly. It not only saves time but also makes work more efficient.

How can AI be used in Windows ?
Artificial intelligence is a rapidly developing technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way humans use software and communicate. In recent years, Microsoft has been investing a lot of money in artificial intelligence and is including such developed technologies in Windows.

How AI is being used in Windows can be understood from an example. When you search for news in Windows 11, Windows 11 uses AI and Windows prioritizes your search results to give you accurate search results.

Microsoft is also developing Windows Copilot. This is a new feature that uses AI to assist users in their work.For example, it suggests words or phrases as you type, or performs tasks for you, such as filling out a form or creating a presentation.

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