Forgot your eSewa MPIN ? How to reset it ?

Kathmandu. We are doing various types of business through digital wallet e-service. We need a four digit MPIN when paying or withdrawing money from anywhere.Users who do transactions every time may not have a problem of forgetting their MPIN. However, sometimes we forget our MPIN for some reason.

Also, we may have forgotten the MPIN when we do not log in to that account by logging in to another device. Or maybe someone else knows our MPIN and we need to change our MPIN. A new MPIN or password has to be kept for various reasons. Today we are giving information on how to change MPIN in eSeva.

Follow the below procedure to change MPIN in eSewa:

– First of all, open the e-service app and go to the login page. (If the account is logged in and need to change the PIN, go to the homepage and tap on the three dots on the top right.

– And tap on the option of logout at the end and log out. You can also change mpn by going to settings. For that process you need to keep your current MPIN. So you may find it easier to follow this procedure.)

– Then tap on the Login/Register option at the top.

– After doing this, enter your mobile number in the Mobile Number box and tap on the ‘Proceed’ button.

-Then tap on the ‘Proceed to send SMS’ button.

– After following this process, your message box will open directly. Send a message directly without entering the combination of numbers and letters in the chatbox (If you do not have a number registered with ISEWA, you can contact ISEWA office at our toll free number: 1660-01-02121.).

– After that, a six-digit code is sent to you from eSewa. Copy or note down the code there and go to eSeva’s app. Enter the code in the box where you are asked to enter the code.

– After doing this, you will need to enter a new four-digit MPIN. To keep a new MPIN (New MPIN) put four new digits in the New MPIN box. Similarly, put the PIN that you previously placed in the Confirm new MPIN box. (Sequential numbers such as 1234, 5678 or 6789 cannot be entered. The same number cannot be entered four times, 1111, 2222. The first four digits or the last four digits of the mobile number used in your Iseva account cannot be entered.)

-And, tap on the Confirm button at the end.

– After doing this, your MPIN will change. And, the app closes.

– After that, you can open the eSeva app again and login to the account by entering your phone number or email and password or MPIN.

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