Sweden recognized sex as a sport, holding a ‘Sex Championship’ competition

Kathmandu. There are many types of sports in the world which are played in public for health and entertainment. A new game has also been added to this list. The European country of Sweden has also included sex in the list of games.It’s hard to believe when you hear it. How can a man’s secret physical relationship become a game? But in Sweden, sex has not only been recognized as a cable game, there the Swedish Sex Games Federation has been formed. This federation is organizing the European Sex Championship for the first time before June 8.

6 hours of competition every day
The Swedish Sex Federation’s So Sex Championship will last for a few weeks. Competitors participating in this have to compete for 6 hours every day.According to the news, competitors will have 45 minutes to 1 hour to participate in their games or activities.

The winner will be selected based on the votes of the three judges and the audience. Each subject will be awarded between 5 to 10 marks. There will be competition in 16 different categories. Which includes activities from seduction to body massage.So far, it is said that people from different 20 countries of Europe have applied to participate in this competition.

The European Sex Championship values diversity and says that people of any gender can take part in the competition.According to the organizers, sexual orientation or sexual attraction can play a strategic role in this game. The organizers have said that as part of the sports strategy, the important development of sexual orientation will take place among European countries.

According to the president of the Swedish Federation of Sex, Dragan Bretik, it was essential to recognize sex as a sport. He also discussed the possibilities of improving physical and mental health through sexual activity. According to him, like any other sport, training is required to win in sex. Therefore, it is logical for people to compete in this category as well.

What is sexual orientation?
Different people can feel different types of sexual orientation ie sexual attraction.Most of them are attracted to the opposite sex, while some are attracted to people of their own sex or to people of both sexes.It is claimed that the sex championship will establish this sexual attraction as part of the game strategy.

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