10,000 revenue to be paid for iPhones not registered in MDMS, how much for others ?

Kathmandu. The government has called for mobile sets that are not registered in the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) to be registered in the system by the end of June. On Monday, the Finance Minister Dr. Prakasharan Mahat has arranged that lump sum registration can be done till the end of June.

For registration, a revenue of Rs 10,000 per phone set has been fixed for the price of more than Rs 1 lakh. Similarly, for other smartphones, they can be registered in the MDMS system by paying a revenue of Rs.If the revenue of the set specified by the government is submitted to the revenue account specified by the Ministry of Finance and registered in MDMS along with the proof,

the Nepal Telecommunication Authority should make arrangements to register such mobile phones. It is mentioned in this regard in the bill made to implement the proposal of the government of Nepal.However, it is said that if the Nepali citizens who have been abroad for more than six months after taking a labor permit and returned to foreign employment submit proof of that,

the Nepal Telecommunication Authority should make arrangements to register one of the cellular mobile phones used by such persons free of charge.In the presented bill, it is stated that the users of cellular mobile phones which are in use in Nepal till June 15th,

but could not be registered in the mobile device management system implemented by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority for various reasons, must be registered by the end of June 2080 by mentioning the IMEI number of the mobile phone set and paying a lump sum fee free of charge.

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