Now you can make voice and video calls on Twitter !

Kathmandu. With Elon Musk buying the company, various changes are happening continuously on Twitter. Some of the changes are being criticized by users.But some of the changes made on Twitter have received a positive response from the users.

Meanwhile, Twitter has made an announcement that will get the applause of users for the last time. According to the company, some long-awaited features will be added to the platform in the near future.According to Twitter, a very necessary change is being made to its direct message, i.e. DM feature, under which the DM reply feature will be added within the DM.

With this, users can reply to direct messages sent by someone on their Twitter. It will make communication on Twitter simple and easy.
Now Twitter DM does not have the facility to reply to any particular message by clicking on it and you have to write a reply in Solodolo DM.In addition, a new tool for choosing emojis has also been added to Twitter’s DMs. From which users can easily select and send emojis in DM.

Informing about this matter through tweet, Alan Musk has also said that in the near future, the conversations in DM will be secured through encryption. Because of this, the third party will not be able to get hold of the conversation on Twitter.

Elon Musk has also made another most important announcement. According to which, voice and video calls can be made on Twitter in the near future. Musk said – with this feature, people will now be able to communicate with other people from anywhere in the world through Twitter without giving their phone number.

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