After the former Prime Minister Jhalnath Khanal’s car reached door of the Buddha Air Plane

Kathmandu – Controversy has started after the vehicle of former Prime Minister Jhalnath Khanal, who landed in Kathmandu on Tuesday evening on a Buddh Air flight from Janakpur, reached the apron of the plane without permission.After the dispute that started from the internal terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport reached the Minister of Culture and Tourism Sudan Kirati, the Civil Aviation Authority has shown serious concern about the incident of ‘vehicles entering the internal airport ramp without taking permission’.

Pradeep Adhikari, director general of Babarmahal-based authority, on Wednesday asked Tribhuvan International Airport office Goucher for an explanation regarding the ‘unauthorized domestic ramp area entry’. The authority said, ‘What happened in this regard? Goucher Airport Office has been asked in the clarification letter to submit as soon as possible.In the clarification letter, it has been said that Jhalnath Khanal is not included in the VVIP list as mentioned in the gazette and his vehicle went to the door of the ship, which is against the provisions of the National Civil Aviation Security Protocol of the authority.

As mentioned in the gazette, the vehicles of the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Speaker, Speaker of the National Assembly and the Chief Justice (V-SIX) including the former prime minister are prohibited on the apron as they may affect flight safety.”Because it is a matter related to national security, Sappai feels equal to the law,” Tourism Minister Sudan Kirati told Kantipur, “The car has gone right up to the door of the plane.” It is not found. It is scary when the incident happens. Nothing happens if it doesn’t happen. Therefore, no one should be left out, no one should be left out. It makes it more unsafe.

When the national flag bearer entered the airport without a pass
After the unauthorized entry of the vehicles of the leaders into the areas where vehicles are prohibited and the general public is being criticized everywhere, Tourism Minister Kirati is not boarding the flag-carrying vehicle on the domestic flight and is coming back and forth in the bus along with the general public.

Earlier, he said that even in Pashupati area, he will not take his vehicle to the temple premises. Last week, during the Pashupati cleanup, he instructed the security personnel there to stop any political party leaders, ministers or other ex-members from taking the vehicle to the temple premises by force. He also announced to reward the security personnel of Pashupati Development Fund who stop such vehicles.

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