Paying a lot of money to read any news on Twitter !

Alan Musk, the CEO of the social media platform Twitter, has given an important signal to the users. In a tweet, Musk said that now users will have to pay a fee on a per-article basis.Along with this, users who do not have a monthly subscription have to pay a lot of money to read any news or article on Twitter. Musk said,

“For some people, this will become an important source of income and they will be forced to spend a lot of time in preparing great content for users.” Earlier, Musk had announced the removal of the blue tick from free verified accounts. Also, on April 12, he tweeted that users who do not subscribe to Blue Tick will not receive Blue Tick. According to which, since April 20, the legacy blue tick received for free was started to be removed.

Permission to charge fees to media publishers
In a new tweet on Saturday, Musk said that media publishers will be allowed to charge users for reading any news and articles on Twitter from next month.

According to him, users will be charged on a per-article basis and if they don’t sign up for a monthly subscription, they will have to pay a hefty fee. According to him, all the income received from this will go with the content creators and publishers. That is, Twitter will not keep any part of this amount.

According to Musk, with the launch of this feature, media publishers will be able to charge users on a per-click basis. He also claimed that this new rule is a big win for media organizations and common citizens. agency

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