A malware threat spread in the name of Swastima Khadka

Kathmandu. The scam link that was spread on the official Facebook page of Onlinekhabar on Thursday with the name of actress Swastima Khadka has not been stopped yet. When the same link started being boosted from other pages, many people reported that the link of Google Drive was down.

After that, cyber security informant Vijay Limbu says that the scammer has now placed a link to ‘Easy Upload’ to spread scams of the same nature. “Earlier there was a link to Google Drive, but now that link is down when many people report,” he said, “Now it seems that the malware is spreading through the ‘Easy Upload’ link instead of Google Drive.”Limbu’s cyber security company Bhairav Technologies has found out where the data stolen from such links is finally stored. According to which, the stealer malware spread using the name of Swastima Khadka has finally found that the data is stored on a server located in Tokyo, Japan.

“It is not yet clear who did this,” Limbu said, “but the data appears to be stored at a Tokyo-based hosting provider ‘Vulture Holdings LLH’. Now the victim (the person belonging to the page where the malware is spread) must come to us to find the spreader.”He says that the person can be identified from the IP address available there by identifying who posted the post from the Facebook page that boosts the post with a link to stealer malware.

“By getting the victim’s account, the person who posted the said post, the IP address of the person accessing the account is visible. From there, we can find the login details,” he said.He informed that this link has been boosted by Facebook pages of more than a dozen media including Online News, Development News, Press Pass, Nepal Reference. Limbu says that the name of actress Swastima Khadka is being misused, but the real victim is the owner of the page where the link is being posted.

Talking about this incident, actress Swastima Khadka’s husband and actor/director Nischal Basnet regretted not being able to file a complaint.”It is seen that they are the victims from whose page it is being posted. In this case, our photos and names have been misused. We are discussing how to resolve this,” said Basnet.

Pashupati Kumar Rai, spokesperson of Cyber Bureau and Superintendent of Police has suggested that the network of hacked pages should file a complaint with the Cyber Bureau to reduce the threat of this stealer malware.

“Those whose page has been hacked, if they file a complaint, the Cyber Bureau will investigate it,” said spokesperson Rai, “Those whose photos have been misused, they can go to the district police premises and file a complaint under the Privacy Act.”

What is the name of Swastima Khadka misused and spread the link ?
On Thursday, the link was spread for the first time by misusing the name of Swastima Khadka from the official Facebook page of Online Khabar. When you see the link shared on the Facebook page, it looks like news, but there is a link to Google Drive.”If you download that link and open it on the device, a tool called Mimikatz is downloaded. It steals passwords, PINs or other details in the browser,” cyber security expert Limbu said further.

How to avoid such links containing malware and viruses ?
Generally, from the point of view of correct information and cyber security, it is asked to open only information and links posted from verified and official pages on social networks.Nepal Telecom, Ncell, National Commercial Bank and other names and logos were misused to create fake pages and boost posts containing such malicious content. But this latest example has confirmed that even official and verified social media accounts are not safe. How to avoid this now?

Not only the blue tick on the social network account, but also extra precautions should be taken. Cyber security experts advise that you should pause for a while before clicking on any link.If you look at the above online news case itself, there is a link saying ‘Hot footage of actress Swastima Khadka came out when a camera was installed in the bedroom’ and ‘Watch the video’.

The first thing is the argument that a reputable mainstream media such as online news does not contain such scandalous and obscene and character assassination content. Another thing is that some linguistic errors can be seen in the post.As if the written content is forgotten, it is not ‘hot footage is out’, but for the sake of purity, it should have been ‘hot footage is out’, instead of writing ‘watch the video in the comment’, it should have been written directly ‘watch the video’ or ‘watch the link for the video’. maybe

While it can be assumed that there are no grammatical errors in professional communication media. The most important caveat to consider when clicking on this post is the link itself.For example, online khabar.com/. But in this post, a link to Google Drive is placed and a download button is also placed at the end. If you consider only these things, you can avoid many such phishing and malware attacks.

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