These are some useful and interesting features of Facebook Messenger

With about one and a half billion monthly active users, Facebook’s Messenger platform has become as popular as Facebook. Meta Company is adding various new features to it.In terms of the number of users in the messaging app, only WhatsApp is ahead of Messenger. Mark Zuckerberg is trying to integrate Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp under Meta Company. In Facebook Messenger, the company has introduced features such as money transfer, video calls and encryption.

Many people use Messenger on their phones, but Messenger can also be used on desktop without logging into Messenger’s desktop app is available for Windows and Mac and has all the same features as the mobile app.
Conversations from Messenger to other apps
Before Facebook spent billions of dollars on Instagram and WhatsApp, Messenger was first launched in 2008 as a Facebook chat. Currently, with all the three platforms under its ownership, Meta Company is trying to merge these platforms. Now if you’re running Messenger, you can chat with someone on Instagram without switching apps.

To block access between Meta Company’s messaging apps from one to another, you must go to Settings > Privacy > Message Delivery. With this, you can choose whether Instagram friends can message you directly from Messenger or whether you have to approve it first or completely block such access.

Create a room
To compete with group video chat platforms such as Zoom, Facebook launched a feature called Messenger Rooms, which made it possible for many people to gather together in a video call from Messenger. In this, you can create a messenger room and invite your friends to share the screen, play games and watch videos together. You can also watch video clips, watch TV shows or watch movies within the chat. This feature is available on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Secret chat
If you want to ensure that the information you communicate and share on Messenger does not fall into the wrong hands of a third party, you can start end-to-end encryption for that. It uses Signal Protocol. However, encrypting any conversation is voluntary. By doing this, you cannot use some of the features of Messenger, such as using it on multiple devices at once, archiving old conversations and sending animated GIFs.

To send a secret message on Messenger, tap on New Message on the top right of the home screen and tap Secret on iOS and toggle on Secret Icon on Android. To do a secret chat in the same chat, tap on the person’s name at the top of the screen and select Go to Secret Conversation. Within Secret Conversation you can set your messages to be inactive for a certain period of time. For that you can set the time by pressing on the stopwatch icon.

Disappearing Messages
If you want extra privacy without encrypting your messages, you can use the disappearing messages feature in Messenger. Its name is Vanish Mode in Messenger app. For that, you can go inside the chat and swipe to turn on disappearing messages. After doing this, the messages, videos and GIFs you have sent on Messenger will be automatically deleted after closing the Messenger app. Also, this feature supports screenshot notifications.

Create Stories and Video Messages
You can also compose and send video messages in Messenger just like Instagram. For this you have to tap the camera icon on the mobile and hold the center icon to record the video. You can also load filtered video clips and do other customizations.

Conduct polls
You can poll or create a poll on any topic in Facebook Messenger. For this, start a chat with a group of friends you want to poll. After that, Android users should tap on the four dots icon and iOS users should tap on the plus icon and tap on Polls. After that, you can create a poll by writing your questions, options, etc.Similarly, in other features of Facebook Messenger, you can decide whether or not to inform your Facebook friends about your active status. Similarly, you can make Messenger your default SMS app on Android phones.

You can also send your location to your friends on Facebook Messenger. For that, Android users have to tap on the icon with four dots and on iOS, on the plus icon. Then you have to tap on Location and on iOS you have to select the location icon. Then Facebook shows a map with your current location. You can share it for 60 minutes or pin it for your own location. You can send the link of that location to your friends on Messenger. You need to ask Messenger for permission to share your location in the background.

Similarly, there are useful features such as creating a dark mode in Messenger, sending different types of emojis, unsending messages, adding more than one Facebook account.

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