Now VPN service in Microsoft Edge, free to use

Kathmandu. Now VPN service will be available in Microsoft’s Edge browser. Microsoft has started providing this service for limited users. Named as ‘Age Secure Network’, YVPN uses CloudFlare technology. Under this, the company says that the user’s internet connection will be secured.

The company claims that the device and sensitive data will be protected while browsing. Microsoft Edge’s built-in VPN is said to create an encrypted tunnel for our traffic and keep the Internet connection secure. As a result, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot access the user’s browsing data.

But there are no other features in this VPN. Like: We cannot select a location from this. As a result, even if we use VPN, we cannot access the prohibited websites or apps.

However, access to torrent sites blocked by ISPs is possible. Edge’s VPN service may not be as good as other paid VPNs.

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