After spending a year in prison, Paul Shah was released

Kathmandu: Artist Purnavikram Shah (Paul Shah) has been released. A year after his arrest, he was released from the district jail Tanahun on Monday.

Shah was arrested by the police on February 15 last year. On Sunday, the Pokhara High Court ruled that the claim against Shah was not sufficient. The high court of Pokhara has also decided to acquit Shah of the charge of coercion.

A joint bench of Pokhara High Court Judges Dilliraj Acharya and Sridharakumari Pudasaini has decided that the claim against Paul in the case of coercion is not valid. According to the order of the court, he was released after completing the process on Monday. When he was released, there was a crowd in front of the prison.

After being released, Paul said – I just want to say this for now, thank you all
Actor Paul Shah has thanked everyone who supported him even in difficult times. While giving a brief response to the media while being released from prison, he said, “I just want to say thank you to everyone.” Surrounded by family members, he looked cheerful in short hair and a black jacket.He looked happy and greeted the fans standing outside the prison. His sister Roshni accompanied him to reach the car. According to Palnikat musician Yogeshkaji, Pal will go to Pokhara today. After resting in Pokhara for a day, we are ready to arrive in Kathmandu only tomorrow.

As soon as he arrived in Kathmandu, he was seen preparing to welcome him at the airport. Shah, who is serving 2 years and 6 months imprisonment in Tanahun District Jail in the case of child abuse, was released after acquittal by the High Court. He was released from Tanahun prison at 11:30 am on Monday.According to his close friends, Paul wants to return to films soon. But friends have suggested to return to acting only after resting for some time.

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