Shilpa and Chibi Ojha Divorce with Partition

Kathmandu. Actress Shilpa Pokharel and film producer Chabiraj Ojha have officially divorced. The Kathmandu District Court, while hearing a three-year-old case, gave a judgment on divorce with partial bond on Sunday. In addition, Ojha has also been ordered to fill Manapathi until the share is paid.

The single bench of Judge Shankar Prasad Rai gave this order. But the court dismissed the case of polygamy filed by Hema Ojha’s elder wife and the case of adoption filed by Uma Sunar making her son Sakar Sunar the defendant. The court on its website has given a verdict on Shilpa’s complaint.

According to the order, now half of the property of Hajiba will be divorced with a share, and until the share is not divided, Hajiba will have to pay Shilpa monthly Manachamal. Ramesh Prasad Guragai, Shilpa’s lawyer, responded that they were successful in making Shilpa feel that she had received justice.

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