Windows 11 is now officially available on MacBook ( Apple )

Kathmandu. Now Windows 11 can be used officially on Mac. Microsoft wrote a blog on its support page and gave information on this matter.”Now the Arm version of Windows 11 Pro and Windows 11 Enterprise can be used on the 18th version of Parallel Desktop with Mac’s MOne and M2 Chip,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

Apple released the MOne chip in 2020. But the user’s attempt to use Windows 10 on a Mac with this chip failed. Whereas Windows 10 could be used on a Mac with an Intel chip. The user was deprived of this service because Microsoft did not allow the MOne chip.
Can only Facebook Messenger account be deleted ?

Facebook Messenger has become a convenient means of communication for millions. However, unnecessary messages or related notifications may bother you. So that you are trying to deactivate or delete the Messenger account to get rid of such problems.

Deactivating a Facebook account is easy, so that other users can see that you are not active. After deactivating the account in this way, the account can be used whenever necessary by activating the account. This is the matter of the Facebook account. However, if you want to use Facebook, is it possible to deactivate Messenger only? In fact, Messenger account cannot be deactivated as Facebook account is deactivated. Even if you deactivate your Facebook account, your Messenger account remains active.

This means that people who are added to you can find your account on Messenger and chat. However, your account is not found on Facebook. In Facebook’s ‘Help’ page, it is said that when Facebook account is deactivated, Messenger account is also deactivated.However, having the facility to keep Messenger active while deactivating does not mean deactivating the Messenger account. The only option to remove the Messenger account is to delete the Facebook account. Account can be restored up to 30 days after deletion. However, after that the account is deleted forever. On the other hand, if the account is deactivated, it can be activated at any time.

How to get rid of messenger notifications ?
If you want to get rid of Messenger notifications without deleting your Facebook account, there are some options for you. You can turn off messenger notifications from your phone’s settings.

Also, by uninstalling Messenger, you can talk through Facebook’s built-in Messenger. However, for that too, you have to turn off Facebook notifications. If you want to ignore the messages coming to Facebook Messenger, uninstall the Messenger itself.

Likewise, even if you keep the active status off on Messenger and Facebook, you will receive fewer messages. Because there are many people who see and message online. Therefore, only the Messenger account cannot be deleted or deactivated. If the Facebook account is deleted, the Messenger account is also lost.

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