Type C charger port on the iPhone !

Kathmandu. With no choice left, Apple is now going to include USB Type C ports in its upcoming iPhones.Due to the fact that all smartphones must have the same type of charger (common charger rule), the iPhone is forced to include a Type C port in its iPhones as well. Currently, the iPhone has a Lightning charger port that cannot be found in any other smartphone.

According to the news, although Apple has a Type C port on its iPhones, it is said that it cannot be charged with the Type C charger of Android phones. Because Apple will keep a customized USB Type C port for its iPhones and therefore it will be made only for iPhones.According to the news, despite keeping the Type C port, Apple will not make it that easy. Apple will make a custom integrated circuit ie IC interface port for this.

Last year, the European Union ordered Apple to include a USB C port in its charging ports.Currently Apple’s MacBook and iPad have a USB Type C port. Apple is preparing to put it on the iPhone now.

Apple has given lightning port in iPhone. It has a built in authentication system. This means that the iPhone can be charged only with chargers designed for iPhones.

Apple will be able to put a custom integrated service chip like the authentication process in the USB Type C port as well as in its lightning port. Because of this, the iPhone cannot be charged with other common Type C USB cables. With the help of the agency

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