How to send password protected photos on WhatsApp ?

Kathmandu. WhatsApp under Meta Company is a very popular messaging app. Various features are available in WhatsApp for user convenience, privacy and security.One of these features is the ability to send password protected photos. In this way, after sending a password protected picture, the recipient of that picture can open and view the picture only by entering the password. However, this is not an official feature of WhatsApp. For this you have to adopt a trick.

With this you can send a password protected photo to someone on WhatsApp. To open the photo sent in this way, the recipient needs to have a password.But to send pictures with password on WhatsApp, the pictures should be sent in document or PDF format. WhatsApp password protected photos can be sent as follows:

First of all download IMG2PDF app from Google Play Store. Once the app is installed, open it.

Then click on the + button and choose the picture you want to make password protected.

Click on the Create PDF button and click on the password protection box.

Then you have to put the file name in front of Enter PDF Filename.

Write the password in front of PDF Password and click OK button. After doing this your file will be created.

Then click on the share button in front of the file and select WhatsApp. Then your WhatsApp will open. From there, select the contact number of the person you want to send the picture file to and click on the Send button.

Now to open the picture you sent, you should know the same password that you entered in the file. Inform the person to whom the password picture that you put in that file was sent.

The files sent in that way can be opened by any PDF reader app and the pictures inside can be viewed. With the help of the agency

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