How to setup a fingerprint lock on Google Chrome ?

Kathmandu. Google has added an important new security feature to its Chrome browser for Android users. With this new feature, users can open the Chrome browser in incognito mode and put a fingerprint lock on it. Incognito mode is browsing in which browsing history, cookies, site data and data entered by the user are not saved on the device when you use the Internet, which makes Internet browsing safe and private.

The fingerprint lock feature can be placed on incognito tabs, this feature was being developed by Google since last year and had already been made available in the Chrome app for iOS users. Finally, the biometric lock feature has been launched in the Chrome browser for Android users as well.

Adding the fingerprint lock feature to the Chrome browser’s incognito tabs adds an extra layer of security for users to their private tabs and prevents others from accessing the browser they are currently opening. With the fingerprint lock, the user has to unlock the browser tab only by getting his fingerprint authenticated.

Incognito tabs are automatically locked when the browser is closed or minimized. In this case, the user can open the web browser only by scanning his fingerprint.

How to get fingerprint lock feature in chrome browser ?
Google has said that this feature is also available for Android users in the Chrome app. However, this is an ongoing process for the time being. So it may already be available on your phone or is about to be.

You can also visit the Google Play Store to see if there is any new update for Chrome.To keep the fingerprint lock feature in Google Chrome, first of all, open the Chrome browser and go to Chrome Settings and tap on Privacy and Security. Then Lock incognito tabs should be turned on.

By doing this, you can lock all Chrome incognito tabs with your fingerprint. Chrome will not ask you to provide your fingerprint again for this. It will use your fingerprint data already registered on your smartphone.

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