Lost your smartphone? Do these 5 things

Kathmandu. Smartphone has become an important part of our daily life. All our work can be done by phone. Smartphones come in handy for every job, be it bank work or payment. Thanks to mobile services and online services, many things can be done from the phone in hand in a pinch. So we are very dependent on our phone and keep a lot of our data on the phone.

In this case, if the phone is stolen or lost, it is natural for us to turn it off. Most of us have had the experience of having our phone stolen or lost. What do you do after you lose your phone? The first thing many people do is to go and search the possible places and file a complaint with the police. But apart from these tasks, these are the 5 things you should do as soon as your phone is lost or stolen:

Delete data immediately
When your phone is lost, it directly affects your pocket, ie costs increase. But your personal data stored on the phone may be more valuable than the price of the phone. So you can delete those details, documents and materials before they fall into wrong hands. iPhone users can go to iCloud.com and use the find device feature to remove the data on their lost iPhone, while Android users’ phones are linked to their Google account.

Track your phone
A stolen or lost phone can also be tracked. iPhone has Find my iPhone feature. This feature is also available in Android. But for this your smartphone location must be open.

Secure the bank account
Many people have the habit of leaving their accounts open without logging out of the bank account apps on their phones. Therefore, if your phone is lost, you should change all your online banking passwords to prevent the wrong person from accessing your online banking account. Also change the ATM PIN.

Also change the passwords of social media platforms
Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are open on smartphones. Therefore, if your phone falls into the hands of another person, there is a risk of misuse of such open social media platforms as well as Gmail. You can log out from all the devices with account login at home. So first of all logout your social media accounts from all devices. Then change all your social media and email passwords.

Block SIM card
After the phone is stolen or lost, along with filing a complaint with the police, immediately file a complaint with the concerned telecom operator and get your SIM card blocked.
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