Now you can register a case in the Supreme Court online ( with Video )

Kathmandu. It will soon be possible to register a case online in the Supreme Court. Inaugurating the ‘State of Information Technology in the Judiciary and Software for Judgment Implementation’ on Friday, Permanent Chief Justice Harikrishna Karki informed that a system will be implemented through which cases can be registered in the Supreme Court online.

“We are studying and preparing to implement online case registration,” he said.He also mentioned that efforts are being made to use ‘court room technology’ in the court and infrastructure including software for pacey automation is being prepared.Karki said that the digitization of records in the courts has been started. “There is an idea to scan the missile papers of about 3.6 million cases currently in the courts and enter them into the electronic records,” he said.

If that happens, the missile documents will be safe and the missile documents can be easily obtained from any court and the higher court. This creates a situation where the time and cost of the High Court is reduced and justice can be done on time, the concerned parties can go to their nearest court and get a copy of the documents including the judgment in their case,” he said further.

It is said that the ‘software related to the state of information technology in the judiciary and the implementation of judgments’ released on Friday has the facility to easily keep records of imprisonment, fines, judgments, and confiscation details.

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