A hacker hacked connectips and stole 5 lakh from three banks!

Kathmandu. The incident is on January 3, 2079. Suddenly an OTP code comes on Khadg Prasai’s mobile from Kathmandu. In which there was a confirmation code to transfer Rs 50,000 from his account in Sanima Bank.After that, the OTP code also came in his Gmail. Prasai contacted the bank and asked to freeze his account after he noticed that the money was being transferred from his account in an unnatural manner.

However, after the bank employee said that the account will be frozen only after he submitted an application, he went to the bank himself. By the time he reached there, one lakh rupees had been transferred from his account. After writing the application, the remaining 91 thousand rupees in his account also disappeared. “Initially, I received an OTP from Sanima Bank with a transfer of 50,000 rupees,” said Prasai, elaborating on the incident. I went to the bank myself.”

It is alleged that even when he was present at the bank himself, the employees were hesitating. “After I appeared at the bank myself, I would have stopped the account on time…” Prasai said in an angry mood, “All the money I deposited in the bank was stolen when the bank employees were arguing. This makes me suspicious of the bank employees.”By the time the application was submitted following the bank’s procedure, all the money had been transferred from his account.

The thug then set his sights on Global IME Bank. When he closed Connect IPS, 14,000 rupees deposited in the account of Global IME Bank also disappeared.Then came the turn of his account in Sunrise Bank. Soon after, seven thousand rupees were stolen from his account at Sunrise Bank located in Tinkune. Now he only had money left in his NIC Asia Bank account.

Khadg said that two lakh 56 thousand 508 rupees were disappeared from that seven times. This work was done so quickly that at that time Prasai could neither reach the bank office nor was he able to freeze the account by phone.In this way, a total of Rs 4 lakh 64 thousand 508 was disappearing from all the accounts before Prasai was forced to see the message. He is now under stress after all the money he had was stolen from the bank. He says, “When I have a headache, I don’t even have money left to buy Citamol. I brought the money to write the petition.”

Prasai, who has been running the publication professionally, has reached the age of 45. He presents himself as someone who is knowledgeable about fraud through social media. However, when he clicked on a link, he was dramatically duped. Which he did not get.
“I know that the OTP received on my mobile phone was sent to me,” he says.OTP code sharing happened for another reason. In fact, he got cheated when he clicked on the scam link. When the hacker gets access to the phone, all his online accounts and banks are not safe.

“How did the hacker get access to my Gmail?,” he says in a worried expression, “Since all the accounts are in Google, my bank account and other social network accounts are also at risk.”It is suspected that the hacker hacked not only Gmail but also the mobile phone. “There is no bank account linked to my Gmail. How did the money get stolen from it? I think the hacker must have been monitoring all my mobile systems for some time,” he adds.

He has been claiming that he has not clicked on any unnecessary links. “I have never clicked on any such link,” says Thokuwa, “and I don’t even have time to click on such a link. My Gmail has been hacked.” After the money was stolen from the bank in an unnatural manner, Khadge is accusing himself of being robbed due to the negligence of the bank. “I think there is a collusion of the bank’s employees in this.

My account and password are all in the bank’s system. The money was stolen from my account with the connivance of the bank employees,” he says accusingly.He hopes that if the account was stopped at the time he reached the bank, he would have saved some of his money. “When I showed the screenshot of the money transfer, the bank staff hesitated,” he says, “Seeing this carelessness, I doubt the bank itself. It also looks for the transaction pin from Connect IPS! Otherwise, how did the hacker know that long transaction pin?”

Khadg remembered that a few months ago he had logged into Connect IPS on another person’s computer. After transferring 15 lakh rupees from it, Khadge asked to log out of the account.”I had sent money by logging into my friend’s computer through Connect IPS. I was also told to log out later. Even if I log out, the next time I log in, the OTP will not be asked. If the money was stolen from that computer, the investigation will show,” he says.

Khadge reached the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office of the police on January 6 with this complaint. The police have been digging more and more cases of such incidents in recent times.”If the consumer has done something wrong, it is the responsibility of the respective bank to warn,” he says.Banks don’t care when money is openly disappearing.

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