Iran’s Sara threatened for playing chess without hijab, ‘Don’t return to the country, anything can happen’

Iranian chess player Sara Khadeem has been threatened for not wearing hijab. Sara competed in the World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship in Kazakhstan last week without wearing a hijab. A person close to Sara told Reuters that she had been warned by phone not to return to Iran and that anything could happen if she returned to Iran. His parents and family in Iran have also been threatened.

Sara reached Spain last Tuesday after finishing the competition. She said through Instagram that she will return to Iran at the right time. She said that the Iranian Chess Federation and the Ministry of Sports would not answer questions about her presence in the tournament.

Hijab revolution continues in Iran recently. After the death of Mahsha Amini a few months ago, the protests in Iran became widespread. He was arrested by Iran’s ‘Morality Police’. She was detained on the charge of violating the law that requires the hair to be covered with a hijab. Soon after the police took her to the ‘detention centre’, she fell unconscious. She then went into a coma. Then he died.

After her death, women are protesting by burning their hijabs. Many young people who participated in the demonstration have been arrested and some have been sentenced to death. Actors and sportsmen who supported the demonstration have also been arrested.

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