Heater: How much capacity, how much price ?

Kathmandu. The month of December has started getting colder. In such a situation, most people have started using heaters at home to avoid cold. A heater is an artificial device that keeps the cooling air at a balanced temperature. By using a room heater, the warmth of the room can be easily maintained in time.

Which brands of heaters are available in the market? How much does it cost? Consumers may have many questions.
What is the price of which heater?

CG has introduced many types of heaters at different prices for the convenience of customers. CG’s OFR and halogen heaters, PTC fan heaters, carbon heaters, gas heaters, electric heaters are available.CG’s OFR heater does not reduce the amount of oxygen in the room. It doesn’t matter if you run this heater with the windows and doors closed. This heater has three capacities with 9 fins, 11 fins and 13 fins. Its price ranges from 12,490 to 14,660 rupees in the market.

CG’s new product PTC fan heater also does not reduce the amount of oxygen in the room. It is available in 1,500 and 2,000 watts. The price of which is 3 thousand 700 rupees and 11 thousand 860 rupees.Only one model of carbon heater 9 watt is available. The price of which is 4 thousand 150 rupees. Another gas and electric heater. Which can be used in two ways, gas and electricity. Its price is 14 thousand 90 rupees.

CG has also launched a small size fan heater in the market. The price of which is 4 thousand 380 rupees.Halogen heaters are available in 1200 watts and 1600 watts. It has two, three and four rods. The price ranges from 2,580 to 5,550 rupees. CG’s halogen-like but smaller quasi-heater is also available. The price of which ranges from 1 thousand 390 to 3 thousand 200 rupees.

Baltra has also launched heaters of different designs, capacities and prices targeting its customers. This company has introduced fans, halogen, gas, quartz, carbon, wall mount, oil field, gas and electric heaters in the market.All Baltra fan heaters are available at 2000 watts. The price of which ranges from 2 thousand 275 to 4 thousand 875 rupees. The price of quartz heater ranges from 1,275 to 2,825 rupees.

Halogen heater is available in 1200 watts. The price of halogen ranges from Rs 1,975 to Rs 4,275. The oil field heater has 11 and 13 fin capacity and its price ranges from 14,975 to 16,925 rupees.PTC heater of 2000 watt costs 4 thousand 975 rupees. The price of quartz heater is 6 thousand 975 rupees. The price of wall mount heater 2000 watt is 8000 rupees.

Yasuda’s fan heaters, quartz heaters, halogen heaters and gas heaters are available in the market. Yesuda gas room heater has a capacity of 500, 1000 and 1500 watts. The price of which is 12 thousand 460 rupees.

Halogen heaters are available in 400, 800 and 1200 watts, the price of which is 2,700 to 3,900 rupees. Quartz heater with two rods of 400 and 800 watts is priced at Rs 1,470. The price of fan heater 1000 and 2000 watt is 1 thousand 640 rupees.

Popular heater brands in the market
At present, heaters of various indigenous brands can be found in the local market along with foreign ones. AC and room heaters of foreign and domestic brands such as Himstar, Videocon, Vega, Electron, HomeGlory, TCL are available in the Nepali market, including CG, Baltra, Yasuda mentioned above. The price varies according to the capacity and utility of the heater.

Which is more useful?
It cannot be said that this type of heater is more useful. All types of heaters are useful for winter. Heaters can be purchased according to customer’s interest, room size, capacity and budget.

In terms of safety, OFR and PTC fan heaters are more useful. These heaters are like AC. There is no need to keep windows and doors open while running the heater and there is no fear of lack of oxygen.

Things to consider when using a heater

– It is advisable not to place the heater near the door or near the road.

– Flammable materials should be kept away from the heater.

– The heater should be kept away from the reach of children and pets.

– The heater should be turned off from time to time.

– Doors and windows should also be kept open when the heater is on.

– If you are not sitting near the heater, it is better to turn it off.

– When sleeping, the heater should be turned off.

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