How to keep two-factor authentication on Facebook even when the password is leaked ?

Kathmandu. Your Facebook account has always been a target for cybercriminals. If a hacker gets hold of your Facebook account, you definitely don’t want him to post anything on it. It also contains personal information such as your date of birth, phone number, etc.

You do not want such personal information to be disclosed. Based on that information, hackers can also access your other accounts. You can keep your account safe by having a strong password. To keep your Facebook account safe, you must use a password that is not used elsewhere. For which you can use a password manager.

But if you also set up Two Factor Authentication (2FA), also known as Multi-Factor Authentication, it will make your Facebook account even more secure. In this case, even if someone knows your password, they cannot open Facebook. When two-factor authentication is in place, it requires a cyber attacker to physically obtain your device to gain access to your account.

In this case, it is very difficult for them to access your account as knowing the password of Facebook will not work. In addition, if you have two-factor authentication set up, you will receive an alert when someone tries to access your account.These unexpected notifications may indicate that your password has been compromised or hacked, but your account remains safe. So today we are telling you how to set up two-factor authentication on your Facebook account.

How to set up two factor authentication through the app
1. First, open the Facebook app on your mobile and tap on the three horizontal lines next to the Facebook Messenger icon. This will open your Facebook profile menu.

2. Now scroll down and go to Settings & Privacy.

2. Click on Security and login under ‘Security’ in the menu that appears there.

3. Now scroll a little bit for two-factor authentication (Two-factor authentican).

4. Now go to ‘Use two-factor authentication’ from there and choose the authenticator app or text message (SMS) option. Facebook will recommend using an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile, which provides a separate authentication code when using the app. After selecting it, press Continue.

5. Here you will be asked to download a third-party authenticator app, if you do not already have such an app installed, you can download it by visiting the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

If you have the Facebook app on the same mobile as the Authenticator app, tap on ‘Set-up on Same Device’, which will save the data in the app. You can copy the code to save it and manually enter it in the authenticator app.

6. Now confirm the prompt to save the key.

7. After doing this two factor authentication is enabled on your Facebook. This provides an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized devices and browsers from trying to access your Facebook account.

8. But if you want to use SMS as a security measure or as a backup in case the authenticator is not available, then you can choose ‘Text Message’ (SMS) from the ‘Select a Security Method’ menu.

9. Then choose the phone number associated with your Facebook account or put a separate number to receive the code and press the Continue button.

10. After doing this, Facebook will send a six-digit code to that number. Once the code is received on the number listed on Facebook, enter it in the blank box provided and continue again.

11. Along with this, two-factor authentication via text message is activated. Then when you try to login to your Facebook from an unknown device or browser, you will receive a code in the message.

How to put two factor authentication on Facebook through web browser ?

1. Open Facebook in a web browser and go to Account Settings in the top right corner of the home screen, where your profile picture appears as a thumbnail.

2. Now enter the settings by clicking on Settings and Privacy there.

3. Look for Security and Login available in the menu and click on it.

4. For ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ scroll down to the menu and select ‘Use Two-Factor Authentication’.

5. Facebook recommends using an authenticator app for two-factor authentication. Out of which you can use Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile.

6. A QR code will appear on the screen, scan it using the Authenticator app. Alternatively, you can manually enter the code that appears there into the Authenticator app.

7. Confirm at the prompt to save the key.

8. After doing this, two factor authentication is enabled on your Facebook.

9. If you want to opt for SMS as a way to keep your Facebook account secure, or the Authenticator app If you want to keep it as an option, select ‘Text Message’ (SMS) from ‘Select a Security Method’.

10. Then choose the mobile number attached to your Facebook or put the mobile number in the field to get the code and press continue.

11. Then Facebook will send a six-digit code to that number. Once such code is received, enter it in the blank box provided and continue.

12. After doing this, text message-based two-factor authentication is active on your Facebook. Now when you try to login to your Facebook from an unknown device or browser, a code will be sent to your mobile number.

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