First ‘demo’ flight of Himalayas at Pokhara International Airport

Kathmandu– Himalaya Airlines will conduct its first demo flight with Airbus-320 at the Pokhara International Airport, which is to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Sunday.

According to the Assistant Spokesperson of the Civil Aviation Authority, Gyanendra Bhul, the authority proposed Himalaya Airlines, which was established in Chinese partnership with the national flag carrier Nepal Airlines and Yeti Airlines, which flies international jets.

Out of these two, after Himalaya expressed its desire to fly the first demo flight through Airbus in Pokhara, the authority gave permission to Himalaya for the first demo flight on Friday. Airbus 320 aircraft with its Alpha Lima Victor call sign has been given permission for its first flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara at 10.30 am on Sunday. The plane will return to Kathmandu after landing in Pokhara.

Himalaya, which was established 7 years ago, has 4 jets, three with a capacity of 180 seats (Airbus-320) and one with a capacity of 128 seats (Airbus-319). He has planned to fly from Pokhara to various cities in China.

Meanwhile, a director of Nepal Airlines Corporation said that preparations were made for the first demo flight in Pokhara, but the management canceled it at the last moment. The chairman decided not to fly because the Prime Minister had not decided whether to go or not. After he did not go, some directors along with the president Yuvraj Adhikari took a bus and went to Pokhara on Saturday to participate in the opening program of Pokhara Airport.’

According to the official, the officers of the corporation had to take a bus to go to Pokhara after they did not get tickets on the ship for Pokhara on Saturday and Sunday due to New Year.

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