After 31 months, China opened the Rasuwagadhi border for the export of Nepalese goods

Kathmandu. China has opened the Rasuwagadhi border for the first time since the start of the covid-19 epidemic to export Nepalese goods.According to Rasuwa Customs Office, China has opened the border which has been closed for 31 months since Tuesday.Narayan Prasad Bhandari, chief customs officer of Rasuwa informed that goods worth 5 million 70 thousand rupees were exported from Nepal on the first day of opening of the border crossing.

“For the first time after the Covid-19 epidemic, goods worth 5 million 70 thousand rupees have been exported from Nepal,” Bhandari said, “This is the first local export after 31 months.”In March 2076, the Nepali government sealed all the entry points into Nepal in view of the Covid-19 epidemic, and the export of Nepali goods from that point was stopped. According to the customs office receipt, Nepalese goods were exported to China in 6 trucks from Nepal on Tuesday.

Customs officer Bhandari said that the traders said that the goods would reach Lhasa. For now, China has only opened the Rasuwagadhi crossing. Only on Monday, Chinese officials informed the Nepali Consulate General in Lhasa that the import of Nepali goods through the border would be opened. The Consulate General informed the Rasuwa District Administration and Customs Office about this and according to that, the export of Nepali goods was started on Tuesday.

On the other hand, the Tatopani border crossing of Sindhupalchok is still closed for the export of Nepali goods. According to Chief Customs Officer Dayanand KC, the Chinese side has not given any official information about exporting Nepalese goods. KC said that although the chief district officer has corresponded for the coordination meeting at the local level, he is not aware of any further achievements.

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