After a photo of Randeep Hooda replacing Charles Sobraj went viral

Kathmandu. After being released from prison in Nepal, Charles Sobraj, who is also known as ‘serial killer’, has been deported to his own country, France. In the last two days, Sobharaj was in the limelight in international media including Nepal.

From the media to social networks, while Charles was becoming viral, Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda’s picture was also widely shared. The reputed media is using Randeep’s picture as Charles.In particular, the picture is a picture of Huda starrer film released in 2015 where she acted in the role of Charles. After his picture was shared in place of Charles, actor Hooda gave a clarification.

He tweeted a picture of the news and wrote, ‘Is this a back handed compliment or are you really confused between ‘Real’ and ‘Real’ Charles Sovraj ? Funny reactions have also been received regarding this picture. There was also some reason in the picture that caused many people to think that Charles of Reel and Real are the same.

Author and columnist Zainab Sikandar responded to actor Hooda’s tweet, “People got confused because you transformed yourself into a character for that role of Charles Sobraj.” They cannot be blamed.

Directed by Prawal Raman, Main Aur Charles also starred Richa Chadha, Adil Hussain, Alex O’Neill, Mandana Karimi and Lucky Morani.

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