Today’s horoscope:, Saturday, the fortune of these signs will shine

2nd January 2079, Saturday, 17th December 2022. Paish Krishna Paksha Navami Tithi. Hasta Nakshatra. Moon Sign – Virgo.

Aries (Chu, Che, Cho, La, Li, Lu, Le, Lo, A) Stopped work can be resumed. Vigor and enthusiasm will increase. Foreign work will continue. Interest in the literary field will increase.
Gemini (ka, ki, ku, gh, ng, ch, k, ko, ha) The mind will become emotional and agitated. Money will be spent in unnecessary places. There is fear that work will be spoiled due to stubbornness. There was also fear of government agencies.

Singh (ma, mi, mu, me, mo, ta, ti, to, te) Something can make the mind very happy. There will be good benefits from the work done. There will be progress in daily work, but be careful about your health.
Libra (Ra, Ri, Ru, Re, Ro, Ta, Ti, Tu, Te) Decisions cannot be implemented today. There will be a decrease in self-confidence. Trouble will arise in the mind, but auspicious and new action plans will be made.

Sagittarius (Ye, Yo, Bha, Bhi, Bhu, Dha, Fa, Dha, Bhe) will be able to dominate in his area. The enemy will be defeated. Financial institutions will help you, but be careful about your health.
Aquarius (Gu, Ge, Go, Sa, Si, Su, Se, So, Da) It is a time of equal profit, loss, income and happiness. In addition to being interested in religious work, it seems that social status will be gained.

Taurus (e, u, a, o, wa, vi, vu, ve, wo) will have to participate in religious activities. The heart will rejoice in the progress of relatives. There will be opportunities for new work. Passion will also increase.
Cancer (hi, hu, he, ho, da, di, du, de, do) It seems that significant work will be done with family support. You will get special support from the opposite class. Vigor and courage will increase.

Virgo (To, Pa, Pi, Pu, Sha, Na, Th, Pe, Po) Today, you will get an opportunity to eat sweets. Interest in social and religious work will increase. Work will be done by influencing others.
Scorpio (to, na, ni, nu, ne, no, ya, yi, yu) will get double benefits from the same work. You will get help from Bandhu Bandhav. There will be success in social work. You will get a chance to learn new knowledge.

Capricorn (Bho, Ja, Ji, Ju, Je, Jo, Kh, Khi, Khu, Khe, Kho, Ga, Gi) Good deeds will be discussed. The hard work will be completed. Cooperation with ideal person will give new experience. There will be progress in studies.
Pisces (Di, Du, Th, Jh, J, De, Do, Cha, Chi) Today you will get help from your lover. There will be a meeting with a close friend. In addition to getting support with family, travel is also seen. May your day be auspicious regardless of your horoscope.

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