Griezmann’s style shines in France: lightning and ‘hybrid assists’

In football, victory is determined by the ‘score’. Who scored how much? The rating of the team and the player increases according to how many goals are scored on the opponent’s post.
So with the striker, the players at center back, right back and left back are inspired to hit the opponent’s post. Two of the most talked about players in Qatar World Cup 2022 right now are Argentina’s Lionel Messi and France’s Kylian Mbappe. There is now only one game left for both the teams to lift the World Cup title. Both the players have contributed for their country to make the journey so far. Both have now become contenders for the Golden Boot.

Among the discussion of these two players, many have also liked France’s Antoine Griezmann. Griezmann was the icon of France when Russia reached the World Cup. Griezmann’s style of celebrating after scoring was the same. We did not get to see Griezmann’s celebration in the Qatar World Cup. That means that his shots have not been able to kiss the opponent’s net yet. Even if he does not score, the number of people who like Griezmann has not decreased. Rather, it is increasing. Griezmann, who appears in black and long hair, is seen in a ‘highlighted haircut’ this time. This 31-year-old player is developing himself as a very mature and experienced player in recent games. Which is making France’s game stronger.

He is playing a professional game in Atl├ętico Madrid in Spain, although he did not score any goals for France in the Qatar World Cup, he set a record for assists. By the time he reached the semi-final match with England, he had a record of 28 assists. Griezmann broke the records of England’s Thierry Henry and France’s Zinedine Zidane in assists. These two players have 26 assists.

Griezmann is also in the list of the most ‘assists’ in the Qatar World Cup. Along with England’s Harry Kane, Argentina’s Messi, Griezmann is in the ‘top three of most assists’. Of these, Messi and Griezmann still have one game left. In the final, these two can add bricks to the record by adding more ‘assists’. The players in the midfield also have an objective – to increase the number of scores to their name. Griezmann, who led France to the title by scoring 4 goals in the World Cup in Russia, is not paying attention to the score this time. Instead, his focus seems to be on giving new players a chance. Griezmann, who has entered the attacking midfield, is not only able to assist the opponent’s goal post, but also seems to be immediately reaching to defend the ball arriving at his post.

Griezmann, wearing the number 7 jersey, is the only one seen when France take corner kicks and free kicks. Looking at Griezmann’s grit and grit on the field, coach Didier Deschamps seems to have a lot of faith in him.

Aurelian Chomeini scored in the 17th minute off Griezmann’s assist in the quarter-final match against England. Olivier Giroud scored the second goal in the 78th off Griezmann’s assist to ensure a trip to the semi-finals. From this game, Griezmann broke the records of Henry and Zidane. And Griezmann’s art was seen in the semi-final match against Morocco with sharp kicking, great tackle, timely defense and accurate passing. Griezmann did it well in his own penalty area at the Al Bayat Stadium in Doha. And defeating Morocco 2-0 confirmed the final match. Griezmann played a key role in defeating Morocco and was named Man of the Match.

Griezmann’s next challenge is to stop ‘teammate’ Messi at Barcelona on Sunday. Griezmann, who became a winger in the 2014 World Cup, is seen in the midfield this time. Now his job is to stop the opposition’s dangerous attacks and assist for scoring chances.

29-year-old Paul Pogba, who showed an aggressive game in the previous World Cup, is not in the France squad this time. Pogba, who missed this year’s World Cup after knee surgery, praised Griezmann’s skills through Instagram. Pogba wrote “Griezman Kante” as the whistle blew to enter the World Cup final after defeating Morocco. Pogba and N’Golo Kante are considered midfield specialists in the France squad. But both of them could not get on the field due to injuries. Griezmann is ‘covering’ the absence of these two with significant responsibility.

Griezmann passed the ball to Mbappe at the right time even as Theo Hernandez scored on Morocco’s post. Then Hernandez managed to give France the lead in the fifth minute with Mbappe’s assist.

In the second half, Morocco repeatedly created opportunities in France’s post, and Griezmann tackled them. Because of the defending, heading, tackling, Morocco could not take advantage of the opportunity and in the 79th minute, substitute player Randal Kolo Mouani scored another goal. “Extraordinary,” France’s right back Jules Conde said about Griezmann, “work hard, every time he gets to touch the ball.” Raising his arms, Griezmann ‘hugs’ defender Ibrahim Konate. who worked hard to stop the dangerous attacks of Morocco.

Looking at Griezmann’s skills, coach Didier has started portraying him as an exemplary player for 10 years of training. This team reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup in 2014, but lost to Portugal in the European Championship at home. However, in 2018, the World Cup trophy was lifted. And now it’s Sunday against Argentina at Lusail Stadium for another World Cup trophy.

CBS Sport reported that Griezmann’s magical performance saw France reach the final. He claims that Griezmann is still the best player because of his skills. He made 28 assists while playing for FranceAya will have to become a hybrid midfielder like him to surpass him now. For which, not only electric shovel, but also intelligent assist is needed.

In this team, Griezmann is performing well as an all-rounder, goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, center back Raphael Varane, and striker Zirudh are also consistently good. Needless to say, Mbappe’s skill is now probably after Messi in the hearts of many. Sunday’s match between Messi and Mbappe, which one is destined to add more flavor to the gold? That remains to be seen.

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