France’s tactical ingenuity on the way to the World Cup final

Kathmandu. American ex-boxer Mike Tyson says, ‘Everyone has a strong strategy. That strategy is strong until someone tastes the punch in their mouth.” Exactly the same happened for Morocco.

Morocco, who became the first African country to reach the semi-finals after beating the superpowers in the World Cup, lost 2-0 to France at the Education City Stadium in Doha on Wednesday. In this sense, France succeeded in breaking Morocco’s strategy. Walid Regrugai’s effort proved to be weak in front of French coach Didier Deschamps’ strategy. Morocco’s strengths in this World Cup are goalkeeper Yassin Bono, the defense and some agile players who can play offensively.

In the match against France, he scored a goal in the fifth minute. They felt that he was weak from the first goal. Kylian Mbappe’s shot was high-hooked by Theo Hernandez and gave France the first success. France took the lead and pressured Walid Regurgai’s team to play as a caution.

Morocco captain Romain Seiss was not fit before the match. Another defender, Naif, was injured in the warm-up. Morocco’s defense became a bit thin when Seys was quickly replaced.

In the 21st minute, Morocco had to adopt Plan B and then Plan C. Morocco looked helpless in front of France.

Moroccan coach Regragui praised French coach Deschamps as the best coach in the world at the pre-match press conference on Tuesday.

Deschamps probably did not think that Morocco would change their strategy in the middle of the game. After conceding 1 goal in the first half, Morocco showed a much improved game. After replacing Marcus Thuram in the 65th minute, Morocco released Mbappe on the left side. Belgium, Spain and Portugal were unable to withstand Morocco’s patience. On Wednesday, France showed that there is also a team that will advance by giving them the head in the game.

For the final at Lusail Stadium on Sunday, Argentina will have to come up with some great strategy to stop France. Belgium was desperate after losing to France four years ago. But for Morocco, even if they lose in this game, they can have the experience of being the best team.

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