Today’s horoscope: Wednesday, November 28, 2079, this is today’s horoscope, the luck of these signs will shine.

2079 Mansir 28th, Wednesday, December 14, 2022. Paish Krishnapaksha Shashti Tithi. Magha Nakshatra. Chandrarashi- Leo. Pausha Krishnapaksha (Thillaga) Shashti Tithi, till 08:03 PM, then Saptami Tithi, Magha Nakshatra, after midnight till 02:35 AM, then Purvaphalguni Nakshatra, Moon prevailing in Leo (Ahoratra), Vishkumbha Yoga, tomorrow morning 05:00 AM. till 41 PM, then Preeti Yoga, first Gar Karan till 07:12 AM, then Vanij Karan till 08:03 PM, finally Vishti/Bhadra Karan, (Bhadra’s abode : Prithvithal/Bhoomilok), Anandadi Yoga : Char, Chandravanar : Red, Chandradisha : East, Yoginidisha : West (up to 08:03 PM),

Aries (Chu, Che, Cho, La, Li, Lu, Le, Lo, A) Today new work will be planned. There is yoga for religious travel. Efforts made by close people will be successful. There will also be progress in daily work.
Gemini (ka, ki, ku, gh, ng, ch, k, ko, ha) Today is the yoga of pleasant journey. You will get a chance to learn new knowledge. Stopped work can be resumed, but general health problems may bother you.

Singh (ma, mi, mu, me, mo, ta, ti, tu, te) Today the enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work will increase. The planned work will intensify. New work will be started. Foreign work will also progress.
Libra (Ra, Ri, Ru, Re, Ro, Ta, Ti, Tu, Te) Auspicious thinkers will provide full support. Guests will arrive at home. Old problems can be solved. Children can also be happy.

Sagittarius (Ye, Yo, Bha, Bhi, Bhu, Dha, Fa, Dha, Bhe) Today is the time to make today a positive day if you can use your conscience. You will get help from friends. Delicious food will also be available.
Aquarius (Gu, Ge, Go, Sa, Si, Su, Se, So, Da) Today you will be able to dominate your field. New sources of income will be discovered. In the latter part of the day, more money may be spent.

Taurus (e, u, a, o, wa, vi, wu, ve, wo) Will be weak in love along with obstacles. Goods may be lost during the journey. Due to some things, there may be unrest and restlessness in the mind.
Cancer (hi, hu, he, ho, da, di, do, de, do) will get special benefits in partnership and lease. Got a new responsibility. Good deeds will be discussed. It is time to sell bids along with excitement in the heart.

Virgo (to, pa, pi, pu, sha, na, th, pe, po) Money may be spent in unnecessary places. You have to fight for the rights. The foreign sector will remain weak. An important opportunity may be lost.
Scorpio (to, na, ni, nu, ne, no, ya, yi, yu) Today is the time to invest in maintaining political and social prestige. With the help of friends, significant work will be done.

Capricorn (bho,ja,ji,ju,je,jo,kh,khi,khu,khe,kho,ga,gi) It is time to do record work. A clever speech can become a job. There will be success in political work. You will get help from Bandhu Bandhav.
Pisces (Di, Du, Th, Jh, J, De, Do, Cha, Chi) There will be a meeting with distant relatives or family members. Good deeds will be discussed. The hard work will be completed. There will also be sweetness in love. May your day be auspicious regardless of your horoscope.

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