I was preparing to attend and stay on leave, why did you cry so much? “Who gave the impeachment right to continue?”

Suspended Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabara has complained about the ban on him. In a brief conversation on Wednesday evening, Jabara disclosed that he is preparing to appear before the Supreme Court and take leave. On Wednesday, an attempt was made to stop Jabara, who was going to the Supreme Court after receiving a letter from the Parliament Secretariat that the suspension of the impeachment was ineffective, from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court had sent a letter to the Secretary asking her to clarify on the basis of which law the suspension was lifted or ineffective, and the government also withdrew the car gate and security. Because of this, Jabra could not go to court on Wednesday.

Jabara said, “I had nothing else to do but go to the Supreme Court.” I didn’t have to sit on the bench, nor did I have to do administrative work. I was preparing to attend and go on leave. My service period was only one week left. But I don’t know why it stopped.

In response to Ratopati’s question as to why he did not go to the Supreme Court, Jabara said, “The attitude of the government is the same.” There is no security in the quarter now. From the cargate to the safety motors there is nothing. Everything is taken. There was one PSO left, he has also been withdrawn, I don’t know what happened.” When asked by Ratopati how he views this development, Jabara complained that the situation has gone beyond the constitutional framework. Jabara said, ‘Now the country, the court has gone beyond the constitutional scope. Everyone must be pressured to bring it within the constitutional scope. But the idea of coming and bringing it within the constitutional scope did not come to them at all.”Jabara further said, ‘Cholendra Shamsher Jabara could have objections, dissatisfaction could remain. But it was not right to hold the post of Chief Justice as a hostage, no.

‘Who gave you the right to use impeachment to continue?’
The suspended Chief Justice Jabara also complained that the government, Parliament and the parliamentary committee have violated the constitution by using the power of exercise against the law. Jabara said, “After the life of the parliament, the impeachment has not been given to anyone by the constitution.” In the absence of Parliament, the Parliament Secretariat has given a letter about the situation of the Chief Justice. After I submitted a petition asking what happened to my suspension, the Parliament Secretariat gave me a letter in response. The only way to talk about me is the Parliament Secretariat.

Jabara further said, “It cannot be justified in a legal state to hold a post like the Chief Justice hostage because of a political party or individual.” If the Speaker does not like it or does not understand it, then it can never be submitted. How is that possible? If the Chief Justice is subject to the law, then the political party, parliament or the speaker should also be subject to the constitution and the law.

On Wednesday, Jabara, who was about to go to the Supreme Court, was stopped by the government, the Supreme Court administration and the Nepal Bar Association after receiving a letter from the Federal Parliament Secretariat stating that the impeachment and suspension were ineffective. The government had prohibited Jabara from entering the Supreme Court, saying that there was still a legal stage left to determine whether the impeachment matter had been completed or was still pending.

On Wednesday, the Secretary General of the Parliament Secretariat Dr. Bharatraj Gautam had sent a letter to the President’s Office, Constitutional Council, Supreme Court, Judicial Council and other bodies to do their work saying that the impeachment and suspension were ineffective.

However, the letter has been widely criticized as it was given by abuse of rights beyond the scope of law. Only on Wednesday, the full meeting of the Supreme Court has written a letter to the Parliament Secretariat asking them to clarify on the basis of which constitution or law the impeachment is ineffective.

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