If Argentina lose today’s match they will go home

Kathmandu. Argentina and Poland will compete in one of the 4 matches that will be played today under FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.The match between Mexico and Saudi Arabia with these two of Group C will start at 1:30 in the middle of the night.

All the four teams of this group are likely to reach the last 16. But the two teams who win today’s four matches will reach the last 16, while the losing team will be able to return home from the group stage.Before the start of the World Cup, Argentina was seen as a contender for the World Cup. But the world football star Lionel Messi’s Argentina team unexpectedly lost to Saudi Arabia in their first match and disappointed the fans around the world.

Argentina, who suffered a setback in the first match, beat Mexico 2-0 in the second match with the inspiring performance of captain Messi, and kept the possibility of the knockout.Argentina is under pressure to win the match against Poland at 1:45 tonight to reach the knockout stage. Argentina, who has only 3 points from two games, must beat Poland to secure a place in the last 16.

The match between Argentina and Poland is also seen as two veteran forwards, Messi vs. Robert Lewandowski.

But even if they hold Argentina to a draw, Poland will reach the knockout stage.With the tie, Argentina’s knockout stage will depend on the result of the match between Mexico and Saudi Arabia, which will be held at the same time. If Saudi Arabia wins, they will also reach the last 16.

But the victory over Saudi Arabia alone will not decide Mexico’s knockout stage journey. He has to rely on the results of Argentina and Poland. If Argentina loses and if they can beat Saudi Arabia, Mexico will reach the knockout stage. But in the case of Argentina’s loss, even if they hold Mexico to a draw, Saudi Arabia will reach the knockout stage.

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