World Cup 2022 Schedules – Nepali time

World Cup 2022 schedules in Nepali time: This Sunday world cup is going to kick off at 9:45 pm Nepal time with the first match on November 20.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Matchday 3 of 3
Date Nepal time
December 1 Poland vs Argentina 12:45 AM
December 1 Saudi Arabia vs Mexico 12:45 AM
December 1 Croatia vs Belgium 8:45 PM
December 1 Canada vs Morocco 8:45 PM
December 2 Japan vs Spain 12:45 AM
December 2 Costa Rica vs Germany 12:45 AM
December 2 South Korea vs Portugal 8:45 PM
December 2 Ghana vs Uruguay 8:45 PM
December 3 Serbia vs Switzerland 12:45 AM
December 3 Cameroon vs Brazil 12:45 AM

Group Stage Match Schedule (Nepali Time)
Thursday, 1st December
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
Croatia Vs Belgium 8:45 P.M
Canada Vs Morocco 8:45 P.M
Japan Vs Spain 12:45 A.M
Costa Rica Vs Germany 12:45 A.M

Friday, 2nd December
Matches Match Time (Nepal Time)
Ghana Vs Uruguay 8:45 P.M
South Korea Vs Portugal 8:45 P.M
Serbia Vs Switzerland 12:45 A.M
Cameroon Vs Brazil 12:45 A.M

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